Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning is now a safer way to stay looking healthy and slim.

Not only does Spray tanning give you the healthy glow we all love it also reveals a slimmer trimmer you.

All of our products we use are organic, alcohol and paraben free.

We offer a 8 hour tan which is best to have done late afternoon / evening. 


We have Tried and tested most of the solutions out there and carefully selected one that is natural, even, non streaky and with no orange tinge.

unlike most fake tans ours smells of coconut, so you really feel like you have just stepped of the beach.





* Shower and exfoliate (avoid using heavy moisturising shower gels).

* Wax / shave 24 hours beforehand.

* You should have no moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or oil-based products on your body.

* Wear loose, dark clothing and avoid wearing wool, silk or leather as tan will not wash out of these materials.




* If wearing underwear, ensure it is black as tan does not wash off elastic / lace.

* Your therapist will apply a barrier cream to your hands and feet and any other dry areas.

* Your session will last around 15 minutes.

* You will be dry to dress straight away.




*Spray tanning is best carried out in the evening, and for the best result sleep with your tan on and wash it off in the shower the next morning.

* Avoid water on skin while developing, especially rain (for 6-8 hours after treatment).

* Avoid heavy exercise or perspiration during development.

* Shower between 6-8 hours after your treatment (after tan has developed).

* Pat dry with a towel - do not rub.

* Moisturise your body regularly to maximise the duration of your tan.

* When using a much darker tan, you should always exfoliate towards the end of your tan, when faded to avoid a patchy / scaly look.