We have painstakingly searched for a professional product range to work with over the years  and have decided to work with the new award winning Product BEEVER. not only do we use these great products but we also retail them.


  With the increasing amount of damage that hair is subjected to every day, it is becoming harder to keep hair healthy. Pollution, over styling, harsh chemicals and hectic lifestyles leave many of us with hair that’s thinner, duller, less attractive, and prone to both breakage and accelerated loss. If left un-treated, the effects of this damage can become increasingly worse and more obvious over time, particularly as we age.

As hairdressers we know that healthy and youthful-looking hair can only be achieved by repairing the damaged internal strand structure and by replacing lost essential oils and moisture.

Our solution was to formulate innovative anti-aging, anti-pollution protein rich professional products. Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic detergents, we use a soothing Amino Acid Protein base to cleanse your hair without stripping, drying or damaging the strands, whilst nourishing your hair.

By mimicking the protein-structure of healthy hair, our products deliver essential Amino Acids, moisture and oils deep into the cortex, repairing, strengthening and bringing life back to mature or damaged hair.

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